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First Principles

The Closing of the American Frontier

Universe 25

The Economics of Discovery

The Point Loma Legacy

A Christmas Carol

First, Buy Time

Butcher, Baker, History Maker

Cities in the Sky

The Zero-Sum Syndrome

Balkan Triage

The Trouble with Paradise


Mars Waits

Last Man Standing



The Zeroth Commandment

Picking a Candidate

To Fade in All

Sins of the Fathers


Where Hope Lives

Will You Meet God?

Once Upon America

Japan's Competitive Edge

Survivors from Earth


A Dirty Verb

The Golden Age of Atomic Power in Space, Part I

The Golden Age of Atomic Power in Space, Part II

The Way of the Rocket

Vajk's Dilemma

Sure Things

Sure Things II: Engines of Affluence

Sure Things III: After Money

Be the Ball

We Are Borg, Mentats, Empaths ...

Psst. Wanna Buy a Planet?


Conspiracy Theory

Turf Wars

The Roots of Arab Poverty

Objectivist Transhumanism: A Philosophy for Futurists

Toward a Spacefaring Civilization